On July 24, 2018, Chrome will mark all plain HTTP sites as ‘NOT SECURE’.

Google has given website owners (YOU) six months’ notice of this upcoming change, and it is now LIVE.

What happens when someone goes to your website and sees a NOT SECURE warning?

They’ll probably leave your website. (At a minumum, it makes you look unprofessional)

HAVE YOU UPDATED? (if you have updated, ignore this email)

If you have not, ignore at your websites peril, as you will lose rankings with Google.

We have done multiple blog posts, and email campaigns warning people to update.

Just call and we’ll check for you! 08 9439 2820

Here’s Google’s post on their Chrome Blog.

Google Statement: “On July 24th we’re rolling out these changes to all Chrome users.

Starting in the latest version of Chrome (68), you’ll see a new ‘not secure’ notification when visiting HTTP pages.”

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