The best type of oil for your car is the key so you know when it is time for an oil change on your vehicle. If you do not know how often to change the oil or how to check it after changing the oil, please read the owner’s manual. And if you have any questions about what kind of oils to use, visit your local garage or call your insurance company. We can also talk to you if we have the latest information on the best type of oil for you and your specific car and we know which types of cars best match oil.

Changing the oil is the most common part of car maintenance, but why does your car need it? When you change a car oil, your oil filter needs to be replaced, as well as all other parts of the oil system. 

If you like your car in good condition, oil changes are crucial, but knowing why you need an oil change can be as important as getting one. 

Discuss your vehicle’s needs with your technician to ensure your next oil change is at the right time. If you come and take your car to change the oil, remind your mechanic of the maintenance work that is to be done so that you can keep the car in perfect condition. Considering that a new engine can sometimes cost more than a car is worth, it makes sense to keep up with regular oil changes. However, if you drive significantly more kilometres than you normally do at this time of year, you should also expect to need an oil change sooner than usual. 

Keeping a regular oil change schedule saves you the guessing of when to change oil, and depending on how often your manufacturer recommends changing oil, you can even use it as a reminder of seasonal maintenance. 

Most manuals state a synthetic blend or a fully synthetic oil, but if your car manufacturer recommends synthetic oils and you decide to change, you could use a mixture of natural oil or even a mixture of both.

Many people blindly follow the oil change sticker on the windscreen, and many drivers are afraid to get an oil change after 5,000 km’s, even though the manual in their glove compartment says otherwise. Oil changes are so expensive that you don’t want to know if you can push them further. And most mechanics who change the oil earn more from the extra services they offer than the service technician who calls himself a lubricant specialist.

Check the oil level of your car at least once a month before each oil change and set a smartphone reminder every 30 days. 

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